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Overnight Suites

We have three size suites for our dogs that comfortably accommodate all-size dogs and large cat condos for the feline family.  All have climate-controlled AC/heating.  Each suite has its own outside patio with shade covering so your dog can enjoy the nice gentle breeze on their outside patio.    

Each overnight guest is welcome to participate in our daycare program upon request at a reduced rate.   All guests are provided a raised bed and stainless steel bowls for their meals.  Each guest will need to provide their own food as we feel it is best your pet remains on their daily feeding plan. 

We ask each guest to bring their food in an air-tight container.  Along with any extra bedding or special toys, harness and leash your pet enjoys.  Each pet is provided a locker that will keep their food and toys safe.  

Be sure while making your reservation you check our extras you can purchase to provide your pet with an extra special daily surprise.

Our Suite Rates

King suites                       $40.00

Mini King                           $40.00 

Queen suites                    $35.00   

Each additional dog same suite $20.00

Each additional cat same suite $10.00

Maximum three guest's same suite.                           

All guests must provide a copy of current vaccinations and signed liability forms when making your reservation.  

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