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 Job Openings

We are seeking to form a team of individuals who will work together to care for the animals at a Little Ponderosa Pet Resort & Spa.  If you would like to be a part of this exceptional team please view the job descriptions and requirements below and email your resume to


Kennel Assistant

We are searching for an attentive, doting kennel attendant to oversee the well-being of the animals in our care. The kennel attendant's responsibilities include cleaning cages, administering medication, and providing animals with food and water. You should also communicate diminished functioning to the Veterinarian on call.

To ensure success as a kennel attendant, you should be able to anticipate and tend to the needs of animals. Ultimately, a top-notch kennel attendant will be able to tailor their care according to animals' physical, emotional, and behavioral difficulties.

Kennel Attendant Responsibilities:

  • Transporting animals to and from the kennels.

  • Ensuring that the animals have ample, fresh food and water at all times.

  • Cleaning animal waste, spilled food, hair, and other debris from the kennels.

  • Disposing of trash in a timely manner.

  • Grooming, playing with, and administering treatment to animals under the auspices of the Veterinarian.

  • Accompanying animals on walks, if required.

  • Calming animals who are in distress.

  • Reporting significant changes in function to management

  • Evacuating all animals if an emergency occurs.



Bathes dogs in preparation for grooming: Combs and cuts out heavy mats from dog’s coat, using barber shears and steel comb. Brushes fur to remove dead skin, using a dog or cat brush. Draws bathwater and regulates temperature. Washes dog or cat, using perfumed soap or shampoo and hand brush and repeats the process until dog is clean. Dries dog, using the towel and electric drier. Cleans animals’ quarters. May also trim and shape the dog’s coat and clip toenails, using scissors and clippers.



We are looking for a friendly pet groomer to perform all grooming-related duties necessary to ensure that pets are neat, clean, and look their best. The pet groomer’s responsibilities include bathing animals of various sizes and temperaments, trimming, clipping, or shaving hair/fur, and removing matted hair. You should also be able to ensure that grooming tools and equipment are in good working condition.

To be successful as a pet groomer, you should be able to comply with pet owners' instructions as well as accommodate any special requests that they may have. Ultimately, a top-notch Pet Groomer will treat all animals with the utmost love and care.

Pet Groomer Responsibilities:

  • Dematting and detangling hair as required.

  • Bathing, conditioning, and drying pets.

  • Trimming pets’ nails, brushing their teeth, and cleaning their ears.

  • Grooming and styling pets according to pet owners’ instructions or standard grooming styles.

  • Accommodating special requests that pet owners may have.

  • Identifying health issues in pets, such as ear infections, skin conditions, or tooth decay, and informing pet owners of these observations.

  • Ensuring that all pets are safe during the grooming process.

  • Routinely cleaning work areas.

  • Recommending suitable products to pet owners.

Pet Groomer Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED

  • Proven professional grooming experience.

  • Sound understanding of animal behavior.

  • The ability to stand for long periods of time.

  • The ability to treat all animals with compassion.

  • The ability to lift heavy pets and equipment.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Exceptional customer service skills.

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